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Kindergarten Teacher

Hi! My name is Regina Moore and I am the Early Childhood Teacher running the kindergarten program at Journey Early Learning Burwood. I started working with Journey in December 2018 and since then, I have had the opportunity to work with talented educators and meet lovely families whose input is essential in enriching the learning program.


My primary goal as a teacher is to provide a caring and supportive environment, so children have the confidence to participate in a wide range of exciting, play-based learning activities. This will challenge their thinking and extend their learning whilst developing good emotional intelligence that will allow them to empathetically relate well with peers and adults alike.


Teaching young children in the 21st century means that my responsibility also lies in making sure young children are aware of the many ways technology can be use to support learning; for instance, in the form of research, or the documentation of thoughts and ideas, in a fun and safe manner, with the aid of an adult. By the end of the kinder year, the children will have the confidence to take on their next big challenge and continue to feel excited about learning.

Our curriculum and intentional teaching is based on various pedagogical approaches, philosophies and learning schemas that are integrated into our Journey Core values of Connection, Communication and Consideration, all of which are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.  We integrate these tools to plan for all ages across the service via STEM approaches, Art, Literacy, LOTE, basic Auslan (Australian Sign Language), amongst others, in order to deliver a personalised experience for your child.

The Kinder program is designed to meet each individual child’s needs. We believe that children learn best by doing rather than being told what to do, so active learning is at the centre of our program, which is developed and written from observations and conversations with children, family input as well as knowledge of age appropriate leaning.


Our Kindergarten room provides an approved, government funded Kindergarten Program for children aged from three to five years old. This program meets all government guidelines to ensure that children are ready for their transition

to Prep.

Our Kindergarten program is delivered Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm by an experienced and Bachelor Qualified, Early Childhood Teacher. This program is play-based as we believe that children learn best this way.  

Through this program, children are exposed to and explore a range of structured and unstructured learning experiences that focus on social and emotional well-being, reading and writing skills and the development of communication skills.

In the Kindergarten room, children are encouraged to be self-sufficient, resilient and develop a positive sense of self. Social and problem solving skills are considered an essential part of our Kindergarten program and children are taught to respect themselves and others in preparation for their transition into the school setting.


Our Educators provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their best when undergoing the transition to school. We support both children and parents during this transition and provide parents with a transition statement at the end of the year.

We believe communication is the most important tool to develop and maintain strong and personalised relationships between our Educators and families. We use a wide range of methods to communicate within the room, such as conversations, telephone calls and our online child portfolio program, Storypark.

Click here to learn more about how Storypark can keep you in touch with your child's day.

We would love you to visit our Kindergarten Room, meet our Kindergarten Teacher and discuss how we can work with you to meet the needs of you and your child.



We understand that time is precious for families so in order to make the enrolment process as simple and convenient for you as possible, you have the opportunity to join our waiting list online.

To find out more, visit our Enrol Now page.


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